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Brightcove News: NYC Meetup, Python Library, and More

As I mentioned last week I'm going to try to group together the Brightcove and video news I find and post it a bit more regularly. Well, the news has been overflowing, so it's time for another post.

NYC Meetup: Want to see me and other Brightcovians in New York? We'll be there on March 13th.

Brightcove API in Python: StudioNow created a Python library for the Brightcove API. It's exciting to see projects like this grow organically for Brightcove.

And PHP and Javascript: Speaking of the APIs, Brian Franklin and Matthew Congrove created wrappers for PHP and for JavaScript.

Jeremy Allaire's new blog: Jeremy Allaire has a new blog which already has a lot of long and insightful posts on it. You can ready about the difficult economics of long tail video and whether online video is a cost center.

Brightcove A-Twitter: Brightcove is twittering. You can subscribe to Brightcove, Jeremy, and I'm sure others.

Tremor Gets $18M: Tremor, the advertising network that Brightcove uses for the Brightcove Basic edition raised $18M in funding.

Advertising articles: Last but not least, you can check out some articles I wrote on the developer center. The Brightcove Advertising SDK gives a good technical overview of the Brightcove advertising system. Ads and Custom Player Templates explains how to use custom BEML and ads. Player Logging gives tips on figuring out advertising problems in a Brightcove player.