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U2's Flash Site

In honor of U2 playing in Boston tonight, here's some emails between my wife and me today. She's a big U2 fan and just found they're playing again in Boston in September.

Betsy wrote:

This is the stage- this is amazing!


Brian wrote:

They need to work on their programming skills, got a Flash error in the debugging version of the Flash player. :P

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at Main/initSound()
at Main/init()
at Main/frame5()

Brian wrote:

Well that's cool though, that's some good Flash 3D. I bet they are using Papervision3D, what everyone is using for 3D in Flash.

Betsy wrote:

Could we talk about U2?

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this might be my favorite blog post ever ;) Juggle!

Heh, thanks Mike. You know, only a few people in the world are going to get your juggle reference. :)