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Ten Brightcove SDKs

As I look over some slides for a Brightcove developer class that I'll be teaching, I was reminded of the surprising number of Brightcove SDKs. Here are some links for the ten of them.

Player SDK: The player API allows for the manipulation of the Brightcove player through hundreds of functions in JavaScript and ActionScript. A JS file and SWC are available. You can learn learn more about the SDK in the documentation or ASDoc.

BEML SDK: BEML is the XML language used to describe the look of a player. The SDK is in the form of a DTD and documentation.

Media SDK: The media API allows for the reading and writing of videos and playlists. The default SDK is a REST-based API that returns JSON, and this is described in the documentation. But more SDKs have been built on top of this for specific languages: JavaScript, PHP, Python, and .NET.

Ad Translator SDK: Ad translators can be used to provide new integrations between the player and an ad server. There's a zip file that contains a SWC and ASDoc, and of course there's documentation.

Ad SWF SDK: Ad SWFs provide a way to show completely custom ads. Similar to the ad translator SDK, there's a zip file that contains a SWC and ASDoc as well as documentation.

By my count, that's ten Brightcove SDKs (with two player SDKs, five media SDKs, and one for each of the rest). If that's not enough customization for you, we have even more coming. The ad team is getting close to releasing one more, and there's constantly other SDK improvements happening.

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Make that eleven. I had forgotten about custom player components: http://support.brightcove.com/en/docs/creating-custom-player-components

There's really just one API for custom player components with the rest of the development using the player APIs

Martin Gainty:

Brian and/or Brightcove staff

Looking for org.apache.flex2.tools.Compiler

any ideas?


Hi Martin, I'm not sure what you're looking for? If you're looking for the Flex compiler, you can find it here:


If you're looking for something specific the Brightcove, the developer forums are an excellent place to get your question answered: