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Flex Compiler Extensions

In the latest Flex 4 SDK builds, you can write Flex compiler extensions which allow custom Java code to be inserted into the compiler. This is thanks to SDK-18718 and the work of Andrew Westberg.

I'm very interested to see the extensions that come out of this. Here's some possibilities:

  • custom metadata processing that's similar to Java's annotation processing, which someone is already working on
  • a better-integrated version of flexcover
  • different databinding solutions
  • conversion of more media types for embedding
  • SWF size reduction with new compiler optimizations

Comments (2)

I wanted to give credit where credit is due. This compiler extension feature couldn't have happened without the development work of the Flex Community and Marvin Froeder (of flex-mojos fame) in particular, and Paul Reilly from Adobe.


Most of the code development came from those two people . I mainly provided guidance and direction for the project and support/code review.

Hey Andrew, thanks for the comment. I didn't realize that Marvin and others did some of the development, so thanks to all of you. And Paul... well Paul is involved with everything in the compiler so I sometimes forget to mention him. :)