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Brightcove News: Smaller Players, VAST Support, and Japan

Smaller Players: Our AS3 players have gotten significantly smaller in the last few weeks, with a 22% reduction in the size of an average player. This was done by expanding on some creative "don't load the same class twice" work, and the number includes all bytes that are loaded. The advertising module, which is only loaded in when advertising is enabled, had one of the most significant reductions, and it can be up to 50% smaller.

VAST Support: Brightcove now has great support for the VAST standard, part of the emerging standardization of ad responses from the IAB. I hope to talk about this in more depth in a later blog post and give a more general overview of the many changes going on in rich media advertising.

A Few Other Features: Two releases have happened since I last wrote a news update, both 3.3 and 3.3.1. The 3.3 release has a lot of other goodies in that Jeremy Allaire writes about and which included the VAST support mentioned above. One thing that always feels strange from my side in product notes like this is how much is left out of what we're doing. But then I remember that not a lot of people want to hear about the bug fixes, the automated tests and frameworks, the server growth/stability changes, etc.

Konnichiwa: The backend tools and players are now all fully localized for Japanese.

Live on Saturday the 18th: You can see Manchester City play live if you can go back in time to the 18th. And choose to watch videos online with the ability to go back in time.

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I know your blog is not a democracy, but here is my humble vote that you DO talk about VAST. Kenny Bunch and other video industry natives appear to be too busy to talk about where the rubber meets the road with regards to VAST, and what DoubleClick and others are REALLY doing with it. Getting good data is like pulling teeth... and I'm not a dentist.

Hey Jesse, I really do want to talk more about it, just having a hard time finding time for in-depth blog posts lately. The VAST and VPAID standards are really interesting to me, in part because of my background in the early days of J2EE.

Who is Kenny Bunch? What is it that you're looking to learn about DoubleClick (and about which of the DoubleClick products)? Most of my knowledge is just from the particulars of the specification and what Brightcove has done with it.