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Brightcove News: iPhone Support and Other Examples

Rather than my occasional blog post on a Brightcove news item, I'm going to be trying to group together and post more about Brightcove, especially info for developers. For the Flex readers out there who don't want the Brightcove news, you can always subscribe to the Flex-only feed. But then you'll be missing out some random Flash and video development goodness that you should read, in my completely-biased opinion.

iPhone support: Brightcove released a page on iPhone support, including example files and a live demo. Given that H.264 has been supported by Brightcove for awhile, this could have been done earlier by customers, but the HTML and JS files make it a lot easier.

Code! I'm not sure how I missed Bob de Wit's blog until now. Bob is a consultant for Brightcove in Europe, and his blog has a lot of great Brightcove examples, like subtitling and using a player in Flex.

Get a reply from Jeremy Allaire: The Brightcove community forums are getting a lot of traction, and you'll see pretty much everyone from Brightcove on there. There's answers from the developers, support, architects, and everyone else at Brightcove (including BC-JAllaire).