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Fighting Brain Crack: Goodbye swclibrary.com

I read John Wilker's post on fighting brain crack, getting rid of the ideas that stick around in your head forever even though nothing is done with them. Immediately one thing came to mind: swclibrary.com

I registered this domain name, along with swclib.com, in October of 2005. I was working on the Flex team at the time, and my development of compc and asdoc led me to see the need for a good component site for Flex. I was envisioning something like ScaleNine (which wasn't around yet) for SWCs.

Through the years, I've held on the domain name and some notes on the idea. And through the years, other components sites have come along:

  • FlexBox, which isn't being updated anymore but which still brings in a surprising number of hits to my blog for the HTML component.
  • Adobe Flex Exchange , which has a grab-bag of components, themes, and applications.
  • FlexLib, which isn't really a component site but a group of open source components that a lot of people use.
  • The flex.org component site, which probably has the best list but which needs some interface love.

None of the sites felt quite right to me, so I kept the idea around. Then another big change to Flex got me thinking about it again, as the Gumbo component model will bring about a whole new set of components.

I still had it somewhere in my head when I recently saw Jeffry Houser's FlexTras, but the idea is so far back there that the idea didn't move an inch.

So it's time to come clean with myself. My off-work computer time has been full of Brightcove dabbling or blogging, and I plan to keep it that way. The domain names won't be renewed, I'll delete all my notes, and I'll keep fighting the good fight against brain crack.

Comments (4)

Thanks for the link back and taking a look at Flextras. ;) Let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you on them.

Mrinal had told me he would add the Flextras DataSorter to FlexBox. Although I don't see it listed yet, I got the impression it is not abandoned yet.

No problem Jeffry. I haven't dug into the DataSorter, but it's good to know it's there (and more components in the future I'm assuming) if I need it.

I could have swore I read that Mrinal wasn't updating FlexBox anymore, so that really good to hear.

Awesome post! Yeah it's hard to let that stuff drop, and admit you've got other things to work on, but kinda liberating too! Glad the post was helpful!

For some reason this popped up in one of my Google alert today.

I don't remember seeing Brian's response, so I thought I'd just reply.

Yes, more components are on the way. Our AutoCompleteComboBox is now out ( http://www.flextras.com/?event=ProductHome&productID=10 ) and we're starting work on our next one, a Calendar Display component.