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Flash Job In Flashlog

This wins for the most creative job posting I've ever seen, certainly better than my Brightcove top ten list a year ago. (Although Brightcove is where you should apply of course.) If you view a blip.tv player, you'll see this:

Showplayer initializing...
                           _-       _--______
                      __--( /     \)XXXXXXXXXXXXX_
                    --XXX(   O   O  )XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-
                   /XXX(       U     )        XXXXXXX\
                 /XXXXX(              )--_  XXXXXXXXXXX\
                /XXXXX/ (      O     )   XXXXXX   \XXXX\
                XXXXX/   /            XXXXXX   \_ \XXXX----
                XXXXXX__/          XXXXXX         \_----  -
        ---___  XXX__/          XXXXXX      \_         ---
          --  --__/   ___/\ XXXXXX            /  ___---=
            -_    ___/    XXXXXX              '--- XXXXXX
              --\XXX\XXXXXX                      /XXXXX
                \XXXXXXXX                        /XXXXX/
                 \XXXXX                        _/XXXXX/
                   \XXXX--__/              __-- XXXX/
                    --XXXXXXX---------------  XXXXX--

Hello there, Flash cowboy!
If you can read this message, you should apply for a job at blip.tv.
Send an email to careers@blip.tv with your resume and make sure to
let us know that you saw this message.

               The blip.tv dev team
Very amusing. Flash video players seem to have a habit of leaving amusing messages.