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YouTube's Hidden Anger for the Play Button

This was too amusing not to post* and a reminder to make sure no traces show up in a production SWF. Below is the trace output from an embedded YouTube video. In the middle of the output: "showing the goddamn play button".

Constructing movie
Warning: onStatus is not a function
Ending the movie is :_level0.tube.movie
constructing MovieController:undefined
regular:undefined smal._xstart:undefined
constructing EmbedSoundController:undefined
setting movie
setting the movie video_id:1AH9VEM_qC0 base_url:http://www.youtube.com/
DIFFERENT loading :undefined vs http://www.youtube.com/get_video?video_id=1AH9VE
registering controller to:_level0.tube.movie
registering sound to:_level0.tube.movie
controller movie is:_level0.tube.movie
show v:100
showing the goddamn play button
sw:425 sh:350 rw:450.55 rh:356.1
resizing to:425:350
resizing to:425:318.75 ratio:1.33333333333333
overlay: 425,318.75
end_screen: 425,318.75
actual size of movie is:425:318.9
resize width:425 bg offset30.55
moive_width:425 w:425 mx:0
px:undefined py:undefined
fiting image to:425:318.75 actual:425:318.75
we loaded the image

*Yes YouTube is a competitor in some ways to the company I work for, Brightcove, but it's certainly not meant as a dig at them!

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I have a variable, buried deep inside a huge eLearning app, which is called theF**kingID.

After many fruitless attempts to to set and retrieve the value of a variable, I was getting desperate. I thought maybe the name of the variable was conflicting with another one somewhere in the application, so I gave it a name that I knew wasn't in use anywhere else. The problem turned out to be something else, but the name remained and I'm pretty sure you can still spot the trace if you know where to look...

That's pretty amusing Gil, another reminder to remove those trace statements. :)


I like to think of it as an Easter Egg!

Heh, and now the newest YouTube embed includes:

"we got meta f*ck yeah!"