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A Faster Flex 3.2 SDK

I've updated the post A Faster Flex 3 SDK with the files for Flex 3.2. If you're using Flex 3 and Flex Builder, I'd suggest checking out these changes for a significant performance boost.

My apologies to those who were patiently waiting for these changes to be ported to Flex 3.2. It's been a little busy here, between the holidays, some interesting work for Brightcove, reviewing a book, and the little fact that I'm getting married in three weeks. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Hi! Thanks for porting it to 3.2. I really appreciate your work!

BTW: Congratulations on getting married and Happy Holidays to you too. :-)


Thanks Brian. That's the best Christmas gift I ever have!

Awesome, 3.1 already saved us a bunch of time reducing the compile time (after the first 1-2 "cold" compilations) by 50% or so (from an avg of 30-40s to 15s or less).

We were about to ask one of our Java programmers to patch this for 3.2 :)

Thanks a LOT! I don't know if you realize how many neurons you've saved us.

P.S. - Do you think we can connect on skype?

Thanks all, very glad to hear it's been helpful.

Emil, I'm happy to answer email at brian at deitte dot com. Unfortunately, I'm going to be out for most of the month, but I do get to all emails eventually.