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Tools for Brightcove Developers

With the recent news about the Brightcove API partners, I wanted to go over some of the tools for those API partners and more importantly, for developers creating websites using Brightcove.


There's four major areas in Brightcove 3 to focus on: the media API, player XML (BEML), the player API, and the ad API. There's a lot more information in the linked documentation than I could mention here, and you should be able to get a good idea there of how you can manipulate players, videos, playlists, etc.

I've been working a lot on the ad APIs, and I'm always happy to answer questions on them (just see the next section). We've doing a lot to make it easier to integrate new ad platforms with Brightcove, which you can see in the ad translator and ad SWF documentation.


Brightcove has been working a lot on the documentation and community on its site lately. You can see this in the development help, which includes links to the new forums and development documentation. There's also still the Yahoo group brightcove-dev.

Recent Changes

We continue to release new updates that include changes that are helpful for developers. On help.brightcove.com, you can get a general overview of the changes in Brightcove 3.1 and Brightcove 3.1.1

Some of the notably recent changes include additional player templates, a player SWC, and new player logging.


So what do you think is missing above? What developer tools does Brightcove need to work more on?