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Brightcove's Planned Support of Silverlight

Brightcove is now planning to support Silverlight in addition to Flash video.

I'm just posting this to give Ted Patrick and Scott Barnes the opportunity to have a "discussion" on the matter. :)

Back to Aftermix work, which yes, is still in Flex 2.

Comments (3)

Go Jeremy! Go Ted! :) I wonder if JJ will throw his support towards SilverLight :) 3 for 3 and all ;)

"We have not announced when we will add the support for Sliverlight"

How does the above equate to planned ?

Just a simple question..

Jason, I know nothing more concrete about the Silverlight plans (or support or announcement or whatever word you'd like to use) than is in the press release. It could all be a ploy to get Scott Barnes some free press, eh. I'm still in Flex-land myself, and plan to be for a long time.