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How Do You Find Incoming Links From Blogspot or Technorati?

I'm reposting a question from Paul Levy at Running a Hospital. Paul asked for a better way to find incoming links from Technorati after porn sites and spammers have infected the results. Since he didn't get much of a response, I thought I'd see if anybody here knows what to do. Or is there a better way to track incoming links from Blogspot?

Running a Hosptial is a blog from the CEO of a major Boston hosptial. It's a fascinating read, one of the few non-technology blogs that I occasionally digest. I found it from Betsy's nurse at small.

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Paul Levy:


Hi Brian, if the goal is "How can I weed out garbage results from Technorati?", then the only option I've found so far is to bump up Technorati's "authority" parameter on the search. I believe this cuts off sites with few inbound links.

There's still a lot of weeding to do, and it does remove some legitimate results as well.

But another problem is that each blogsearch service samples different weblogs, so that you'd be missing legit links with any single search. To get a better representation searches need to be conducted in various engines.

Google Blogsearch is pretty snappy, but doesn't offer Technorati's "authority" filter. One trick here is to add "-site:blogspot.com", to filter out all of the spamblogs that Google hosts on Blogspot. (Many of which seem to be supported by Google AdSense, btw.)

Until the advertisers' funding is no longer shared by ad services with scammers, it looks like we still have to manually go through raw search results, weeding out the spammers that the ad services and blog services do not.

If you turn up a better approach then I'd love to know about it, but that's the best I've seen so far, sorry.


Thanks for all the details John. I'll link them on Paul's site, to make sure that he gets them.