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Aftermixing at Brightcove

Today at the Adobe Engage event, Jeremy Allaire showed a little bit of Aftermix, an unreleased video mixing application from Brightcove. I'm very excited to see all of the posts and discussion on Aftermix and its possibilities, especially since I have my hand in the making of this Flex 2 application. Here's a roundup of what others are writing about Aftermix:

A GooTube lookout from David Berlind.

Jeff Barr writes about Aftermix, consumers, and the video-snacking culture.

Kristen Nicole suggests that Brightcove keeps quality first.

Everyone's favorite prolific blogger Ryan Stewart has a post.

Mashable has a post with a title we can all agree as hyperbolic, Brightcove Launching AfterMix - Pulls Ahead of YouTube?

James Governor's post asks Brightcove to remember the 'roots.

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Everyone's favorite prolific blogger? I'm blushing. In all seriousness, Jeremy did an awesome job today. He should have brought along *the* Brian Deitte though.

Ha, yeah, I've never seen *the* before my name before. :)

Aftermix was also mentioned in today's Wall Street Journal, although not by name. In an article by Walt Mossberg:

"Another site watching is brightcove.com, from a company whose main business is selling the technology for doing Web videos to big media concerns, including Dow Jones & Co., the publisher of this newspaper. But brightcove also hosts Web video from average folks and small outfits. It will soon introduce a feature to allow average users to record video directly to its Web site and then mix it, legally, with clips licensed from big media companies."

More Aftermix references:

As part of a very thorough review of all video sites: http://www.lifegoggles.com/?p=475

Someone who's going to enjoy it a lot more than 1980-style video editing:

A mention near the end of a readwriteweb post: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/adobe_engage_apollo_mainstream_users.php

And I'll just keep on commenting to myself here. Aftermix invites:

There's been a number of mentions since I last commented, but my favorite is the last 20 seconds of this video:

Also, don't miss the link in the "Update" above, as everyone can now use Aftermix without an invite.