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Aftermix, Invites, and Remixer

Ryan Stewart, who keeps growing on his uncanny ability to find stories, posted a link to the Aftermix invite form in a blog post last week.

We won't be allowing everyone into Aftermix for the short term as we still work like mad on the beta version. But I hope everyone still fills out the form to check this out, and I'll also be posting a way to make sure your request is selected. (And sorry but it won't be a Flex quiz.) There's also the invites at 360Flex.

Last but not least, a very late congrats to the team at Adobe for the Remixer app on YouTube.

Comments (2)

You gots problem with Flex quizzing?

If I say yes, am I going to have a mob of Flex developers come find me in Kendall Square? :) Actually, I really enjoyed reading the answers to your quizzes, but I have a different plan in mind.