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Brightcove on Mobile Flash Player 10.1

I'm very excited to see all of the news about Flash today, but I'm most excited to be able to talk about the work that Brightcove has been doing with Flash 10.1. As you can see in the video below, we've been working hard here to have different versions of the Brightcove player on mobile devices as well as making sure the current ones work as expected in the beta of Flash Player 10.1. The Brightcove player does a surprising amount, in my biased opinion- runtime layout with BEML, hundreds of API methods to call, segmented SWFs for optimizing size, handling large number of CDNs, support for every major ad server, and a lot more. And all of this is happening on the Android device below.

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Mark Fuqua:

Wow. I've seen a bunch of posts on 10.1 on Android today, but this is the first one that really, to me, shows how cool this is going to be. I was especially impressed with the Times site...what with all the ads that help support the site, right from the web, with no chages to run on Android.

If the final product works as well as your demo, it will be really cool and put a serious dent in Iphone market share. I can't wait.

I do agree with you Mark. The possibilities are incredible, far from the current version and making the content really interactive.
Well I hope that it will good implemented on phones running under Microsoft mobile, as I own one...
Thank you for the share, great vid!

I'm glad I could post it. Adobe did say they were working with Microsoft to get 10.1 on Windows Mobile 7, although it won't be in the initial version.