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Brightcove News: Audio Players, the State of Advertising, and More

Dev articles There are new development articles about using ads without an ad server and dynamically loading a player in Javascript. You can find more articles on the developer blog.

New Brightcove blog I just found out about Ashley Streb's blog, and given he's my manager at Brightcove, I will say it's the most fantastic blog of all time. Seriously, though, check it out as as it has a lot of good info on video sitemaps, creating BEML components in Flex, and EC2.

Audio support Now leaving the video-only world, Brightcove 3 has some support for audio players, as shown in a Universal Music player.

On the VUDU And leaving the browser (although not for the first time), Brightcove will start showing up on the VUDU set top box, starting with Sony's music videos.

InSkin ads I found InSkin ads fascinating because the team working on the Brightcove ad API hadn't even heard of it until it was up on a major website. We're seeing more and more partners that can develop ad solutions without any of our internal development, thanks to our fantastic ad APIs. (Did I mention I worked on them?) And the resulting ads look really good.

The state of ads Not directly related to Brightcove, but I'm always reading interesting articles about advertising, and there's been a few more than using lately. It's ranged from the perpetual sizing news to the sky is falling to practical advice