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Please Ignore the Blog Mess (aka Want a Freelance Job?)

So I haven't played around with the design of this site in a long time, and while it's a pain to do in Movable Type, I figured it was time to do some damage. Apparently I did a little too much damage while watching the Celtics game tonight, as I managed to completely mess up my setup.

I had a backup, but Movable Type's odd linking structure has left me with a few missing files. So now I'm stuck with an odd-looking blog until I find the time to fix things. It's better than the default look, as long as you don't look at the bottom of the front page. (You looked, didn't you?)

On the subject, if you have or know someone with the following four characteristics:

- CSS knowledge
- know Movable Type or are willing to put up with a wacky templating system
- a good knack for design
- free time

Send me an email at bdeitte at gmail dot com with your rates. Obviously I can't spend a fortune on a free blog, but with my lack of time, I'm more than happy to pay for someone else to clean up my mess (and then make it much better).

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Your RSS feed is reposting all the archived posts as well. :)

PS if you find someone who matches your job description, tell them the services department is hiring.

Ah, yet another problem. Thanks for the info Nat.

And look all, another reason to help me out with my site. You can get a good job with Brightcove out of it!

There's still some issues, but the main page and entry pages are back to normal.