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Ignoring the ResourceBundle Deprecation Warnings

I understand that ResourceBundle has a lot of deprecated methods in Flex 3, but getting a few thousand warnings like this gets annoying:

"3608: 'getString' has been deprecated since 3.0. Please use 'ResourceManager.getInstance().getString()'."

I tried turning this off by setting show-deprecation-warnings to false until I noticed that this setting doesn't really work in Flex 3.

So I created a SWC which has a modified version of the ResourceBundle class. Yeah, I could have also monkey-patched the ResourceBundle class, but putting it in a SWC was helpful in my situation. I know these have to be changed eventually, but it's a slow conversion from Flex 2. Feel free to use for your own ignoring-for-now purposes.

Comments (2)

prashant shelke:

I am facing same problem as you mentioned above.

Can u please tell me how to use .SWC u have provided please.


prashant, just add the SWC to the library path for your project. That's all you should need to do. Note, though, that this SWC will only work with the released version of Flex 3 and may cause problems for a later version of Flex 3 (whenever a later version gets released).