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Hacked with Hidden Links

I found out recently that there were hidden links at the bottom of most deitte.com pages. It looks like someone was using my site to increase their PageRank. Before I cleaned this up, you would have seen links using a clear image within the page source. I'd mention the site that did this... but I'd rather not give them any traffic. I'd also mention the site that alerted me to the issue, but it's a SEO site that sells text links, which looks shady to me.

Given that my hosting provider checked out their servers and I use a pretty secure password, I assume they found a security hole with my old version of Movable Type. My very old version of Movable Type. I saw a similar issue on blog-101.com a few months ago. I take it this happens a lot? Don't make my mistake and keep your blogging and other website software up-to-date.

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Yeah, from what I can tell, it's a definite issue with older versions of WP. A few others I know have had this happen, and it always seems to be that they have an older version. I did. So far, keeping up with the latest versions, been ok. So far...

Brian Deitte:

Yeah, not using WP myself, on Movable Type. But probably a similar issue...

I feel lucky™ ;)

Seriously, I'm still using MT 2.64 on the Russian version of my blog since MT 2.64 release date and never noticed any hidden links.
However, spam was always huge, only MT Blacklist helps to fight against spam bots. But some spam people does their dirty job manually, poor, poor creatures.