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The Most Voted For Bugs in Flex

I just read Matt Chotin's post on Addressing Bugs in Flex, and I love the fact that Flex is so open. Unfortunately I don't have a teddy bear to give to the team, but I can give something to the community: a better way to see the most voted for bugs.

You may have already seen the "Popular Issues" tab in each project, but there's two problems with this view of votes. It's missing the deferred bugs, and it only shows the votes for one project at a time. You can fix both of these issues through a search and sort, but it's not immediately apparent that you can do this in the bug base.

Use this search to see the most voted for bugs. The most voted for bug, by the way, is design view for Linux.

With the search above, you can't see the number of votes in the main search listing. This can be fixed, however:
1. Log In, if you aren't already. After you log in, you should be back at main search listing.
2. On the right-hand side, click on Configure your Issue Navigator.
3. Next to Add New Column, select Votes, and click Add.
4. Go back to the main search listing, and you'll see the votes in the last column.

Matt said that not much is going to be fixed for Flex 3, but that's just a better chance to vote for big items for Flex 4. I have a humble suggestion for a place to put your votes: more refactorings in Flex Builder. A co-worker at Brightcove, Adam Brod, created a group of bugs on this that await your vote.

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By the way, you can now vote on deferred bugs. As of this week, we have enabled voting for Deferred/Closed bugs in the Flex Bugbase. So, please start voting for your bugs!