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Write a Book on Flex?

I've been thinking about co-authoring a book, and so Jesse's recent post and Joe's response really interested me. I've been meaning to ask on here for awhile: any authors have any advice or suggestions? All comments, happy or bitter, are appreciated. If you don't want to comment here, you can send me an email at brian at deitte dot com.

Comments (2)

If that was a great book ,I would like to translate that into chinese.
Cause you know that there are so few chinese books on flex advanced application

so what kind of topic you are going to talk about?

zinking, thanks for the offer.

I've thought about this some more and decided to not pursue it. I really liked the idea and the publisher I was talking to, but I've got another plan up my sleeve.

It was going to be a book focused on Flex for large projects, both the information needed for different members of such a project and some best practices for coding.