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My Flex Bugs

As you've probably already heard (even a half hour later, from the blog posts I just saw), Flex 3 is available for download and the bug base is now open to all.

I wish I had a little time to play with it, but it's a weekend and week of heavy Aftermix coding. I had to spend a few minutes, however, to run this amusing JIRA report:

My Flex Bugs

Since it's been seven months since I worked there, that's a good indication of how open they are being with the bug base. And I'm excited to see how many of the bugs are fixed!

Unrelatedly, I keep meaning to write more about 360 Flex and my talk on Aftermix there. When I figure out what exactly I'm going to say, I'll write some more here.

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I like the bug that says "Drink a case of Moxie!"

Heh, had to search for the Moxie bug myself now:


I've poked around for a few more minutes, and I'm really surprised by how much they've let out there. I thought it'd be a slower process than this with less details. It's great to see.