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Snacking with Henry Jenkins

Henry Jenkins wrote a contrarian post about the conventional wisdom on the video snacking culture. While I agree that snacks can be good for you, I found it hard to swallow (if you'll excuse the pun) that we only have more snacks now because "the menu itself has gotten longer". The menu may be longer, but I don't see it expanding at a uniform rate, as the shorter form has taken over the Web.

On the subject of Henry Jenkins, if you're interested in online media, you really should be reading his blog. I don't find the time to read most of his posts, and I found it amusing that he joked about their length in his latest post. But his blog posts, which take a lot more brain cells to read than the average item in my aggregator, are worth a read.

I first heard about Henry Jenkins six months ago when I was starting out at Brightcove. I was trying to find books and blogs on new media, and I picked up Convergence Culture. I really liked the book and highly recommend it. I hope to write some longer thoughts on the book some day and how some of the ideas apply to Aftermix.