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New Spanish Blog and 360Flex News

There's a new blog in Spanish from someone working with me on Aftermix, Oscar Cortes. I can't read it, but I'm still sure it's very insightful!

Ryan Stewart was making fun of me yesterday for putting real Flex news in a Twitter, so here it is in a blog post Ryan. :) At the Flex Q&A yesterday, it was noted that the player team is working on full bi-directional support. There was also talk of cross-domain module support as well as having default cross-domain framework modules. And expect a lot of flex.org changes.

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Hola Brian!, Thanks for mentioning my new blog here! There is a small but fast growing community of Flex developers in Latin America and Spain who are eager to learn more about Flex. So I am hoping that I can contribute my 2 cents. By the way, have you heard in 360Flex if there will be a MAX 07 in Latin America?

De nada. I haven't heard of any Latin America MAX, but if I see Matt Chotin/Ted Patrick/etc, I'll ask!

I asked Matt Chotin, and he said there's no plans that he knows of at the moment but that he'll try to find out if there's any long-term plans. He also said that he's been asked the question a few times, including once already at the conference.

If only I had mastered Spanish.