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At 360Flex

I'm sitting in on David Zuckerman's session on Flex Builder, where he just announced refactoring and "find all usages" support in the next version of Flex Builder. That makes me very, very happy.

I don't think I'll be providing any more updates on this blog from 360Flex, but you can see my current doings on Twitter.

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One thing I forgot to mention in this post is that we have a Flex engineering in Cambridge and evangelist in Europe positions open at Brightcove. If you're at 360Flex and are at all interested, just contact me or track me down as I'd love to talk more.


Have fun out there. I was dying to get to this event but have a major app release this week. Maybe next year.


Rob, I'm trying to deal with app work and conference time at once, which has been... interesting. :) It's been a great conference so far, though, and I hope they keep having it.

I see a lot of people coming to this page from:
(which is in a language I can't read). This led me to see that Intellij may have AS3/MXML support:
I'm excited to hear that, as I use IDEA for both Java and .NET work and love their refactoring support.