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FlashType Support in Flex 2.0.1

One major feature that wasn't talked about in Ted's post on 2.0.1 is the addition of FlashType support in Flex. Whenever you embed a font, the font will now use FlashType by default.

What is FlashType? It's technology in the Flash Player for providing clearer text, especially when the text is small. Here's an example:

Before 2.0.1, in order to use FlashType, you had to first embed the font in Authoring and then use the Authoring SWF in Flex. Now, you simply need to embed a font in Flex, and FlashType is automatically enabled.

Also, as an update to the ASDoc fixes, note that Linux support was not added. I could have swore that I read that this was added, but I just read the release notes and see it as an open bug. Ah well.

It feels strange to talk about FlashType and ASDoc, as these were the last two features I developed at Adobe. From now on I'll have to wait for Matt, Ted, and others to blog about features to know about them!

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Good call! I totally forgot about the FlashType benefits.