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ASDoc: a list of fixes and how to alter the output

Update: Flex now includes ASDoc. The documentation is here.

ASDoc, currently on Adobe Labs, will be included in the next update to Flex. I don't know the full list of ASDoc fixes, but I can share that the top three issues in the Labs build have been fixed:

  • UTF-8 characters show correctly
  • Bindable metadata doesn't affect output
  • No more circular inheritance errors when using doc-sources
I also wanted to share some information on altering the output. If there's a small bug in the output or it doesn't look quite right to you, there's something that can be done already to fix this. You can alter the the files in the templates directory, asdoc/templates. You should copy this directory to have different template files for different ASDoc builds. Point to a different template directory with templates-path.

The templates directory contains HTML files which can be edited to alter the look of the final HTML files. There are also XSL files in there for the adventurous. It's not a supported feature to alter these files, and they will certainly change in future releases, but they are helpful in getting the final output to look just right.

Comments (5)

Bah, still no Linux support.

Tom, I should be flogged for saying the top three issues were fixed! Three out of the top four issues were fixed. It's still remotely possible that this has or will be fixed for the next release.

Brian, I use ASDoc to create documentation for my project which does use Cairngorm framework.

When trying to generate ASDocs, I get the errors like:

"The definition of base class CairngormEvent was not found"

And it is understood because Cairngorm is SWC file.

I wonder how to overcome it?

Sorry if it is stupid question -- I'm a newbie to ASDoc, and still didn't figure everything about this powerful tool. I realize the answer to my question is simple but couldn't find it alone.

I'm asking here just because my team will be building our project asdocs today and I've just discovered this problem.

Rostislav, make sure that the Cairngorm SWC is in the library-path when running asdoc.

Ted Nguyen:

Is there anyway to create a template for let say documenting a method like in java, so that when you type ctrl+shift+d in flashbuilder it generates a boiler template doc for you. i.e
* description:
* customization note:
* @params