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Apollo on Techcrunch

I was doing some morning reading and was interested to see an Apollo article from Ryan Stewart on Techcrunch. The comments were the most interesting part, seeing the confusion and differing opinions on what Apollo will do. Most of the negative comments have to do with security: it's more clear to me now how important the security perception battle will be for Apollo. I couldn't find any public security articles to point to, so hopefully someone at Adobe will come out with one now.

For anyone coming from Techcrunch looking for more Apollo information, here are a few places to look:

Developer's FAQ
Detailed presentation
Blog posts

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I was kind of surprised by the number of security comments, as well. Adobe should have a security explanation page on tap already, just because somebody is going to want to get on Digg by saying "OMG Apollo is scary virus vector!" either right when, or right before, the platform debuts.