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An Ajax Look at Flex, New TV, and More

Three groups of links for your Sunday reading:

1. Andy Budd has a fascinating post on going to the Flash on the Beach conference as an Ajax developer: The Lion's Den (found via Aral Balkan) Having lived in Flex-land for too long, I always find it interesting to hear a perspective, positive or not, from someone in the majority group of Web development. To quote: "The thing that excites me the most about FLEX 2.0 is how similar it is to standards based development. You have an declarative XML-based mark-up language to build the UI. You can then add style in the form of CSS and behaviour using the ECMAScript based Actionscript language. Cool huh?"

2. I saw the newwteevee.com blog after a post on Brightcove's user upload feature. I'm now a daily reader, as the blog is the best place I've found to read about everything happening with online video.

3. The folks at Jive Software (founded by fellow University of Iowans) have had a number of good posts about software companies, the latest being about creating an open organization.