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Tamarin, AS 3.0 Cookbook, and Jobs

A late congratulations to the Adobe team on Tamarin. A bunch of the team had been working hard on this in the Boston office, and it's great (and a little surprising) to see this unveiled. Hopefully I am linking to something not everyone has seen in a link to an interview with Dan Smith on artima.com.

In a late review, a thumbs up to the AS 3.0 Cookbook. I bought and have read snippets of this book, and I found it very helpful in rounding out my AS3 library knowledge. In an amusing Brightcove anecdote on this book, I told Sean Neville that I was interested to see that Sam Robbins reviewed the book, someone who I knew worked at Brightcove. Sean then told me to look across the hall, where Keith Peters sits, one of the authors of the book. Good to know!

And to mention for Brightcove again, we're looking for more great people at Brightcove. If you're in the Boston area and you're interested, feel free to send a resume to work AT brightcove DOT com. Or you can email me at bdeitte AT brightcove DOT com with any questions.

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Is Brightcove growing so fast that you don't know the names of your co-workers, especially someone like Keith Peters who's also quite visible on MXNA? :)

Owen, my excuse is that I've only been working here for three weeks. If this happens again in six months, then it's time to worry about the company growth or my own memory. :)