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Roger's Blog, Flex Conference, and Being Back

I'm back and blogging, having finished my five-week trip and come back to only seeing India and China at lunch.

Matt beat me to the punch, but I noticed that Roger has a blog:

Interesting Flex/Flash hacks that are occasionally even useful.

Roger is one of the other five programmers on the Flex Compiler team, a very smart guy who writes long emails. He often writes interesting emails on modules, RSLs, embedding, and many other topics that he'll now be able to share on his blog.

So many blogs, books, articles, and other things happening around Flex 2 that I don't try to keep up with everything anymore. One neat thing to mention is that there's already a Flex conference coming up, on August 14th:

Real-World Flex Seminar

I've been working on something for after Flex 2.0, a project for labs that I'm excited to see done. I probably shouldn't mention what it is yet, so I'll just say that component developers will be very happy with me.