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A Sabbatical, Adobe, and Allaire

I haven't been active blogging or on message boards lately, but I'll be even less so for the next five weeks. I have started my sabbatical, which includes a five week journey where I won't have a laptop, work email access, or many other of the things that I've come to find nourishment from.

A great job where you get a sabbatical, get to work on something as cool as Flex, where you have managers who (I'm guessing reluctantly) let you jet away in the middle of a release. Did I mention we still have job openings for those interested?

To go on a tangent, I recently found a hilarious picture in my office, an advertisement I was in from the Allaire days. To embarrass myself, here it is.

Finally, if you'd like to read about my travels, you can do so.

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If you are reading before May 6, let's meet on 6th.

Sorry, I couldn't get back to earlier..