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What I've Been Doing

I haven't finished the migration post I mentioned weeks ago, the one related to Embedding HTML in a Flex application in AS3, as life has been busier than usual here lately. It's at a 80% done point where it may sit for a long time.

One interesting thing happening for me is the recent approval of a sabbatical starting May 1st. I'll be taking six weeks off to travel the world, mostly India and China. If you live in one of those countries or know somehow who does, send me an email at brian at deitte dot com!

I still find time to read blogs, though, of course. Ryan Stewart has turned his blog into one of the best in the Flex sphere. David Zuckerman from the Flex Builder team has started an interesting blog. And there's always the excellent posts from
Steven Webster
, which includes links to his Cairngorm articles on devnet.

Comments (3)

Thanks Brian. enjoy your sabbatical (but hopefully the posts roll in until then). Six weeks in India and China - bummer!

Brian Deitte:

You're welcome and thank you. I will probably continue to be slow in posting, between planning for the trip and that whole bug fixing thing that needs to be done. :) But I'll try to keep some semblance of a blog!