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Localizing Flex Applications

One thing that may not be noticed in the Flex 2 beta is that we now have built-in support for localization. I found out from Mike Peterson that "the new 'Localizing Flex Applications' chapter didn't make it into the Flex Builder help system or LiveDocs, but it is included in the PDF at this URL":


So you can check out the localizing chapter there and start playing with @Resource and resource bundles.

At the end of the 'Localizing Flex Applications' chapter, there's a simple example of localizing. I've put together the example to download here:

The zip file is out-of-date for the final version of Flex 2. See the documentation for the example.

We're only supporting compile-time localization for Flex 2, but we've set things up in such a way that adding runtime localization will be easier in a future version. You can still do runtime localization manually, of course. And you may still be able to find an unoffical way to do runtime localization using the existing mechanism, but you'd have to track down Roger Gonzalez on flexcoders and see if he can cook up a way.

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I did a little experiment of dynamically localizing a Flex application at runtime:


Thanks for including a link to the 'Localizing Flex Applications' PDF, I was looking all over for the localizing info, I don't know why they didn't just include that chapter. Good find!