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Brightcove News: Adaptive Streaming, Boxee, and Facebook

Cambridge Developer Meetup: Thanks to everyone who came to the developer meet-up two weeks ago at our office in Cambridge. I wish I had recorded the presentations, as there was a lot of excellent demos on the iPhone, live streaming, Palm Pre, audio support, and more. If you're interested in future meet-ups, no matter where you are, just send me an email (at brian at deitte dot com) or a comment.

Adaptive Streaming: Brightcove now uses adaptive streaming to pick the right video for your current bandwidth. One interesting thing to note about Brightcove's player implementation for this is that we don't require Flash Player 10. Or rather we require FP10 if the user really wants to use adaptive streaming, as that's the only way this feature will work, but the player itself will work fine in FP9. It required an interesting trick to get this to work, and I don't know of any other player that does this.

Boxee Support: Brightcove publishers can now distribute on boxee. This may mean I need to finally stop just using a web browser after hooking my Macbook to the TV.

Brightcove's Facebook Status: New articles have been posted to show how to embed video in a Facebook news feed and add a player to a fan page.

Comments (3)

I was there and it was really brilliant. Do u know where is gonna be the next meet-up? Thank u for giving your e-mail!


I need a Brightcove player with support for cue point.
I add cue point in my video but i don't have a player with button "skip next chapter" or with "menu chapter".
Who know were i can find it? I pay for it ;)

Tom, glad to hear! There's no more developer meet-ups planned at the moment, but I'll blog here (and try to email people) when we're planning another one.

Roberto, I would post in our developer forums:
There's a lot of people there would could possibly help you out!