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Brightcove News: Trial Accounts, Open Positions, and Usability

Trial accounts: I think that Brightcove has had 30-day trial accounts for awhile, but we've been promoting them a lot more recently. If you want to check out what we've done in Flex and Flash, sign on up.

Brightcove is Hiring: If you're in Boston or Beijing, we have some positions open right now that you may want to look at for QA, system engineering, and project management. I bring this up only to help out Brightcove and my blog readers in the current job market, and of course not at all because your mentioning of my name gives me a referral bonus.

New Brightcove.com: The website was revamped lately, including all the technical sections. There are reorganized docs (a great improvement), training videos, portals, portals, and more portals. It's been redone with Drupal, which will help more of us make changes faster.

Usability studies: There are always usability studies going on at Brightcove, and we're always looking for customers to put under the microscope or send in a suggestion or two.

Comments (2)

The website is revamped majorly since the last time I took a trial. I only see 6 openings in Boston and 1 Global. Happy to see them using Taleo for job opening management.

Brightcove is hiring? I hear this word "hiring" so rarely nowadays. Too bad I am in the wrong city, it's been 3 months now since I am searching for a job.