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Brightcove News: New Release, .NET SDK, and More Blogs

"Watching" video online: Ryan Stewart had a good post about the differences in watching video online. It made me think of a recent experiment to put the Brightcove player in a 3D environment and the other BEML and API uses I've been seeing.

Brightcove 3.2: A new release of Brightcove came out over the weekend, and you can read about all of the module and API changes in the link.

.NET SDK: Adding to the PHP, Python, and JS SDKs for the Brightcove APIs, there's now a .NET version.

Ad inventory: Both streaming media and Jeremy's blog had some thoughts on online video ad inventory.

More Brightcove meetups: I had a great time at the New York meetup (I'm the blurry guy in the lower-left corner). There's more coming up. Actually, now that I read that last post again, I see there's only one meetup that's left, so book your flight to London tonight.

Japan and Comics: Brightcove showed off the many customers in Japan, and Marvel was highlighted on NewTeeVee.

Blogs blogs blogs: Jeremy Allaire wrote about the many Brightcove blogs that can now be found on blog.brightcove.com. The blogs aren't just about Brightcove, and you can check them out for a number of insightful posts on video. There's other Brightcove blogs off of the site, and you can read about Flex and Brightcove from Oscar Cortes, Al Manning, Bob de Wit, and of course me.

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Sweet! I'll book London tickets if you will ;)


Ha! My bank account is going to have to pass on that one. :)