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Flex 4: Two-way Bindings and Other Improvements

Reading through the subversion commits, I've seen a number of interesting changes for Flex 4.

Carol Frampton added inline support for two-way binding. Using the syntax of "@{expr}", you can now more simply support two-way binding.

Paul Reilly has submitted a number of compiler performance improvements, including one which results in significant improvements in Flex Builder.

Gaurav Jain added support for ASDoc comments in MXML files. "For adding comments at the class level or to properties defined inside mxml use the syntax <!--- comment (notice 3 dashes at the start) -->"

Comments (2)

Adam Brod:

That's great news. I hope that two way binding works well!

Way to scoop Adobe on some exciting developments. :)

And now there's a lot more information out from Adobe. They've posted specs for two-way binding and ASDoc in MXML: