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Flex Compiler Resources

The Flex Compiler Design Document has generated some more interest in learning about the Flex compiler. Here's some resources to learn more:

  • I've written a little bit about the compiler myself in two posts (here and here).
  • You can always ignore all the documents and just go straight to the source to investigate more.
  • It's helpful to watch the commits which will show you what's going on with the Flex compiler and framework. There's a way to see the diffs from these commits that I don't remember offhand, but I can look it up if anyone is interested.
  • Clement Wong has an excellent blog on the subject, including info on a RPC version of the compiler.
  • To see one custom addition to the code, check out Joe Berkovitz's code coverage tool, which had to modify the compiler.
  • A customization with the Compiler API is explained on iconara.net
If you know of any resources that I forgot, please leave a comment!

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