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What's In Blaze DS?

So I'm not usually for the "me too" posts, but I'm excited enough to add to the blog overflow. The open sourcing of remoting and messaging is as big of news as the opening sourcing of the SDK. I won't rewrite what has already been said- see the posts by Christophe and Ted. But I couldn't find a detailed list of what's included in Blaze DS. I haven't paid much attention to Adobe Livecycle Photoshop Acrobat Data Service (that's the name, right?), and I don't know what comes with "remoting and messaging". Here's what I see from the examples in the download:

Sample 1: Accessing data using HTTPService

I assume this isn't just the HTTPService that gets the resource, but that it's using the HTTP proxy to get the resource. I know this piece pretty well, since I spent a long time working on it, way back in the day. It allows whitelists be set, simplifies some issues with data and the player, etc.

Sample 3: Accessing data using Remoting

AMF3 remoting, the piece that most people will be using, and which should need little explanation.

Sample 6: Publish/Subscribe Messaging (Data Push Use Case)

This is the "messaging" part of the release, and the part I definitely know the least about. It allows messages to be pushed to different clients with a minimal amount of work. The data is pushed with channels you can set up and use, both AMF and RTMP. And now there seems to be one more, "a new HTTP Streaming channel for real time applications that require very low latency." Exciting stuff!

Update: I assumed that RTMP was included for messaging, but according to a comment Dirk Eismann on Christophe's post, it isn't included. It looks like that's part of the reason the new HTTP channel was created.

If anybody has a more succinct list of what's included, I'd appreciate a link.

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Hey Brian,

included in BlazeDS is a new Channel type called StreamingAMFChannel. Seems as if this does some keep alive stuff so they can send data over that stream.

RTMP is not included in BlazeDS, also all the neat Data Management stuff is not there (will still be in the full LCDS product) - which also makes me wonder what will happen to the LCDS Express Edition after they release LCDS Community Edition (aka BlazeDS).

Hopefully they keep it, because Express edition has RTMP inside.


Hi Dirk, thanks for the info.

Douglas McCarroll:

> I couldn't find a detailed
> list of what's included

There's a great diagram on Yakov Fain's post here:




I built a chat application using flex and blaze ds.I have one more requirement in the application,"File Transfer".I want to know whether is it possible to transfer the files from one application to another using the blaze ds server.


I'm just starting out using Blaze DS. Is there any documentation out there for a real beginner?

There's plenty of BlazeDS documentation out there. It's much easier to find if you spell it without a space between the Blaze and the DS, which is how most people find this page. :) Here's the Adobe docs: http://livedocs.adobe.com/blazeds/1/blazeds_devguide/