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Mashup Culture

I noticed a new talk by Lawrence Lessig about mashup culture (found on nwebb.co.uk).

Considering how often I mention Aftermix here, it's impossible not to mention Lessig at some point. He's writen a lot about remixing, with perhaps the most well-known commentary in an article in the Washington Post on Star Wars and Eyespot.

Lessig isn't the only person talking about remixing, of course. There's even videos on the subject, such as A Fair(y) Use Tale. And there's people talking about Lessig as well, such as the always-interesting Convergence Culture blog. My own opinion on all of this? It's definitely something I like reading about... how's that for a non-answer? :) A lot of people enjoyed making Avril remixes, and I certainly didn't feel like a sharecropper making my mix, and so I'll leave it at that.