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Making Time for Helping Others

This is a non-development post, so you can stop reading now if you're only looking for Flex or video details.

I'm a TODO list kind of person, with post-it notes and emailed lists that I keep for things I plan to do. The main TODO list I keep has had an item on it for almost six months, the longest item on the list: some volunteering work. Why haven't I moved volunteering off the TODO list? I'm always putting other items above it, from blog posts (ahem) to work items to weekly chores.

My TODO list has been changing, although not without a small push. When someone close to you scrambles up their TODO list to help others, that's definitely going to change yours. And mentioning this scrambling is the real point of my writing- see this blog post from Betsy, who is about to spend the next six months in Zambia. Betsy, the lovely lady that I'm dating, will be helping with the Maternal Infant Health Initiative at MGH through her Durant Fellowship. In short, she'll be spending six months of her life to help create better care for infants in Zambia. She's always wanted to do humanitarian work, but she didn't expect to be doing something right now. Everything came together, however, and now she's getting ready for a trip that hasn't quite sunk in yet for either of us.

So at the top of my TODO list goes any items to help Betsy help others, to make sure she gets to Zambia and back. But I've been doing something else as well, something much smaller. I had a good conversation with Julie Stewart of FAMM, a group that I've supported in other ways. And I'll be helping them in small ways to improve their website. It feels good to move this up on my TODO list, and I'm happy that the world has people like Betsy to really make the time.

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I don't even know what to say! Thank you for appreciating my time and energy in giving to others.

You're welcome. I forgot to mention that Betsy's blog will be updated with info on her trip:


And here's a new article in the Washington post on FAMM and Julie Stewart: