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I'm doing Javascript work now

It's been a bit too long since my last update, but blogging keeps getting pushed down on the TODO list. I have a long post on components in the works, but I wanted to post something else in the meantime to get myself back on the blogging horse.

So it's true that I'm doing Javascript right now, although it's just for a week before I head back to Flex-land. But it makes for a great headline, no? This past week, I delved into innerHTML and the rest of the Ajaxy world that I've never been in before. I did this to help create some HTML pages for work, and in the sprit of Scrum, this was a task that I volunteered for. I wanted to learn the basics, and it's been pretty easy to do so. One thing I've enjoyed in my scripting is the instantaneous nature of the changes- there's a noticeable difference between waiting less than a second and waiting up to five seconds to see a change. One thing I haven't enjoyed is, well, Javascript. I've been spoiled by AS3.

What else have I been up to, technology-wise? Well, MAX was not one of those things, although I really wish I could have gone. I didn't keep up with the mountain of blog postings last week, but I did read a lot of the great posts on Thermo. I'm waiting to see the code generation before I know how excited to get.

Aftermix is still going strong, and in time I'll be able to talk about some very interesting changes ahead. And Brightcove is going strong, with lots of big deals and news lately. Brightcove is a great place to work, and if you're a Flex/Java developer/QA looking for a job, send me an email at bdeitte at brightcove dot com.