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The End for JRun

I noticed last week that Adobe has finally announced the end of development for JRun. It was the first major product I worked on, for two years, and it taught me a lot about software development. Ten or so of the core development team for Flex came from JRun (although you'll now see a few of them in other places). The JRunners live on.

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Its a shame (as I replied to other blog posts about this topic as well). I was actually in the process of switching to JRun and was waiting for the new release to come out.

However, as I understand correctly, JRun isn't dead and buried yet. What I understand from Adobe is that JRun will still be powering ColdFusion for the years to come (not that I care). It's just that they have decided not to add 'new' features to the current version on JRun.

Yeah, JRun is still used in multiple products inside of Adobe, and I'm sure they'll still be updating it for new web servers, etc.

I worked for Allaire and then Macromedia and was always a bit bemused about why Allaire purchased Live Software and JRun. They were far sighted (the Allaire Brothers) and somehow realized that ColdFusion needed a lift out of the proprietary space it occupied, they were brilliantly correct. So JRun fulfilled a great need at the right time and like ColdFusion was ground-breaking.