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The Best Aftermixes So Far

Two Brightcove interns, Rene Dongo and Oliver Anderson, have put together a list of their favorite Aftermixes and favorite Avril Aftermixes. Here's some highlights for your Friday clicking:

A Buzzword QuickDemo. There's something very meta about this use of Aftermix.

concaf lionel richie. Just wait a bit with this one... someone had way too much fun with audio commentary.

LOLCATS Supermix. The meme may be over, but the cats live on.

Avril Aftermix. The main bug mentioned in the comment in this video is fixed.

CSS' Birds RMX. I just like the flying dogs.

Intern War. This epic was created by another Brightcove intern, Max Gold. This will also be the basis of some upcoming Aftermix tutorial videos we're releasing.