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Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties

A lot of people have been looking here for information on "Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties". One of the iframe posts is bringing people here, but they aren't getting any error details from the post. You can read more about this error and all other runtime errors in the language reference. This error most commonly occurs when you try to access a property on an undefined Array item. For example:

var array:Array = new Array();
var noProp:Object = array[1].prop;

You may run into this error in the framework, especially in the datagrid. To read more about this, try a mail-archive.com search of flexcoders.

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Daniel Lawhead:

Hey thanks! That's a rather odd error for a non-existent array element.

Actually, I think you can get this error when you try to access the member that doesn't exist, or the member of a non-existent instance. For instance, I just looked this up when a friend was having an issue and it turned out he had forgotten to name the instance of an object (that he was trying to access).


I got this error in Flash and found your page via Google. It turned out I had not properly coded my for loop's condition and was trying to access an object that didn't exist. So thanks HardlyNoticeable and blog owner, you both led me to a quick and painless solution.

Andres Calderon:

I was migrating my flash animation from AS2 to AS3 and I forgot I had changed the instance names of two movie clips, but I didn't change the names in the Actionscript code. Your comments led me to a quick solution. Thanks!


Thanks guys.

I got the error when trying to access an undefined index in an Array.

Hope this helps more people.


Hi guys,

I just got over this 110 error. And i figured it out after some hors of stress with it. I thought i should post it here so that i might help someone int he future. My problem was that i had one MC that was creating a movie clip using a MenuItem object from the library. All fine and well but then at some point i loaded and external swf using loader class which had it's own lill menu using it's own MenuItem object. Remember was an external MC. And that is where the error popped up.

Solution: Renamed the MenuItem in the external MC into docItem. Works fine now.

Good luck


I've had that error in a little project, which use essentially Canvas and HorizontalList, and I've finally found that it was caused by the 3.4 SDK.
I've downgraded the compiler to 3.2 SDK, and everything is fine...
Hope that'll help somebody saving time =)

Ingmar Pforr:


get this error #1010, while reading from a return of a PHP REST service. It turns out, that if somewhere in the returned array there are KEYS with spaces in associative arrays (and probably other not allowed XML characters/formats) the created XML is not valid and so the flash script gets this runtime exception.

Greetings, Ingmar

Ingmar Pforr:

regarding last post:
NOT CONFIRMED, had multiple errors, sorry!


thx for the tip, I use debug to find the exact line


Thanks for the tip. I was tryinhg to access a MovieClip that didn't exist.