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Flex Talk Tomorrow in the Boston Area

The illustrious Joe Berkovitz is speaking tomorrow at 7pm in Brookline. Read more (and get directions) here. The speech is a part of the Boston Flash User Group meetings. I've really enjoyed going to these meetings lately to learn more about Flash/Flex and drink with fellow coders.

Comments (3)

Oooh, ooh, dude, ask him how his Controller is supposed to scale in larger apps!!! Wish I could be there to ask him personally, but uh... since you'll be there... *ahem*... you know.

I was actually already hoping to ask about that tomorrow and then tell you about it. :)

Hey Jesse, I thought I'd write a note here so everyone could read it. I didn't ask Joe myself about the Controller, but someone else asked a similar question. Joe's response was that, for a large enough app, he would use some intermediary between the pieces as well. It's all a matter of the size of the application and what really is the correct level of abstraction and segmentation. So yes, in a manner he did say that it won't work for everything, as nothing ever really does work for everything!