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Heading to Brightcove

I'm leaving the house of Adobe and heading out to sea. I've decided to join Brightcove, where I will be working on a Flex application and helping the push towards Internet TV.

It was not an easy decision- I've worked with many great people during my six year stint in the Boston office, and Adobe is an excellent company to work for. But I've gotten very excited about the job at Brightcove and what the company is doing.

I plan to still stay involved with Flex at some level, as I think it has a very promising future. This blog will now talk about Flex as well as Internet video. Separate RSS feeds will be set up soon.

To end with, here's part of the email I sent out to the people I work with:

It was beer-o-clock on Friday that I finally realized that I'll soon be leaving here for good. More than six years ago I came here, and I couldn't believe that I got to work on JRun, a product I was already using. We put out a few releases, decided dung beetles weren't a good idea for an advertisement, and then scattered. I ended up on ColdFusion, where Damon put Erik and me to work on eeking out performance improvements, and where I got to give a code name to a product (RedSky). From there it was on to Royale, where I saw many parts of Flex. I went from RemoteObject advice from some Scottish voices to arguing web services with Tom Ruggles to SWCs and Flex Compiler Core.

I would mention all the people who stick in my mind over the years here, but that would take up all the time I need to still finish my last feature... but I do want to say thanks to everyone. I very much appreciate all the friends (and products) that have been created in my time here.

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I am a producer/web developer and I am also very interested in the long term plans of Brightcove. At this time I have a contact in Jaime Ross at Brightcove. If you are ever in need of media or a user to bounce some ideas off please let me know. I have some great video content I can provide full rights to. I can offer it in full uncompressed 4:4:4 HD, all the way down the food chain...



Dude, this is news :)

Wish you the all the best... Brightcove is indeed doing cool and I am excited about the technologies they might be using..

Convey my regards to Jeremy, Tareef, Liby, Kevin :)


Jake, thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

Abdul, thanks! I'll let the gang at Brightcove know you said hello. And if we end up doing any work in India there, I'll make sure to snag myself a trip to see you and Brajeshwar. :)

Brian, It has been a while since we talked but I stumbled across your Blog on google while searching for stuff for Flex and found this posting. I didn't realize you were leaving. Best of luck at BrightCove.

Thanks for all of the RemoteObject help in the past with Flex escalations.

Brandon, sorry the goodbye email didn't get out to you, as I forgot a bunch of people who I shouldn't have. I hope the mobile world is going well. Thanks!

Hey Brian,

We'll miss you all the way from over here in Australia. I'm glad I had the chance to meet you and have the occassional beer when I made it over to Boston. Good luck at BrightCove, I wish you all the best!



Andrew, thanks for the message. If you're ever in Boston again (or I ever get to see Australia), I'm always up for another beer.