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A good time waster for today: brightcove.com

Check out brightcove.com for lots of video goodness. The site was consumerized, and you can now view videos through a popularity ranking or microchannels. The Horror Channel is a good one for this week.

There's a lot more to today's launch, including the ability for anyone to launch a Brightcove channel, AdNet, website affiliates, distribution through AOL Video, open APIs, and lots more that you can read about in this article. There's also a barrage of press today.

It's been exciting starting at the company at this time (and quite lucky). It has, however, meant that I haven't gotten to meet everyone yet, as there's a lot of people who have been working around-the-clock to get this all out.

If anybody is wondering, I promise to get back to some technical posts on this blog. Next up will probably be a post about my current experiences with Flex.